Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

BW Offshore’s commitment to minimising environmental impact is integral to project and facilities planning and design. The Company recognises that its operations of offshore development and production of oil and gas are conducted in challenging and sensitive environments and therefore has a relentless focus on managing its impact on the external environment.

BW Offshore is certified to the standards of the ISM Code for Safety Management and Pollution prevention and to ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. The Company is subject to periodic audits by DNV GL. Compliance with ISO 14001:2015 standard is a commitment by BW Offshore to manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner.   


BW Offshore’s activities are subject to environmental regulations pursuant to a variety of international conventions and national, state and municipal laws and regulations, and which the company is committed to uphold, and where appropriate, exceed. The Company’s Operational Integrity function is responsible for monitoring of compliance to environmental standards and regulations.


BW Offshore has defined measurable targets for each onshore and offshore unit to ensure compliance with adopted policies and to maintain a continuous improvement focus. Personnel training and familiarisation with relevant policies are recognised as fundamental to achieve a HSSEQ culture of the highest standard and to minimise risks.

Targets are defined on an annual basis with focus areas for each division. Each functional division monitors its own performance in achieving these targets which include environmental metrics that reflect the direct impact of operations on people and the environment.

The metrics are included BW Offshore’s in-house Environmental Reporting System (ERS). This is an online reporting tool to facilitate environmental performance evaluation for the FPSO fleet. The environmental reporting parameters are categorized under the following sub-headings. 

  • Chemical consumption
  • Discharges to sea
  • Energy consumption
  • Total fluid production
  • Waste to Shore

Each FPSO defines specific Environmental KPIs and targets that the unit seeks to achieve within the calendar year as part of the continuous improvement cycle. The unit’s performance against the specific KPIs is reported monthly and actions taken to address potential non-conformances. The relevant metrics are reviewed regularly to ensure that the information required to improve performance is captured and analysed.

Policy statement

BW Offshore shall maintain the security of all Company personnel and assets including personnel travelling on behalf of the Company by implementing adequate proactive and reactive measures.

We achieve this by:

  • establishing and implementing security requirements, working methods and information availability,
  • developing, implementing and maintaining Ship Security Plans according to requirements set out in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code for all units,
  • monitoring, through reliable sources, security threats and vulnerabilities for personnel and assets, and implementing mitigating measures respectively,
  • making every individual responsible for being vigilant, taking any reasonable precautions against security risks and reporting any abnormal activity or condition.


Under Recommendation 2003/5 of the Oslo Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR), the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) requires that all companies operating in the UKCS have systems and procedures in place to identify, monitor and control the environmental aspects associated with offshore activities.

This report provides information on BW Offshore’s offshore operations and the environmental performance of these operations. For the purpose of this report, this includes all production activities in the UKCS. BW Offshore do not conduct drilling operations in the UKCS. All drilling activities for the Catcher Field Area are conducted by Premier Oil UK as they are the Licence Holder for the field area.

This report has been made available here:

BW Offshore Catcher (UK) Ltd 2018 Environmental Statement IFU