Corporate governance

Corporate governance

BW Offshore is dedicated to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and investor relation.

Corporate governance addresses the interaction between the shareholders, board of directors, management, employees and other stakeholders.

Maintaining high standards of corporate governance improves the quality of discussions and decisions by the corporate bodies and strengthens confidence among shareholders and the investor market, contributing to value creation.

See link for the latest version of the Corporate Governance policy.

The BW Offshore Code of Ethics and Business Conduct reflects our commitment to our shareholders, customers and employees to conduct our business with the utmost integrity.


The annual general meeting will normally take place on or before 31 May each year. The Board shall make efforts to ensure that as many shareholders as possible may exercise their voting rights in the Company’s general meetings and that the general meetings are an effective forum for the views of shareholders and the Board.


Guidelines for the Nomination Committee

BW Offshore’s Board of Directors has a Nomination Committee. See the link below for the latest versions of relevant guidelines being used by the committee.

Dividend policy

BW Offshore's policy concerning dividends is as follows; BW Offshore has an objective to generate competitive long-term total shareholder returns. This return will be achieved through sustainable growth and dividend payments. The level of dividends will be approved by the Directors on a quarterly basis.

In light of the reduction in industry activity levels that gradually increased since 2014, the Board of Directors has reduced dividends payments throughout 2015, until it was decided to suspend dividend payments from the third quarter of 2015 until market visibility improved. Furthermore, as part of the 2016 Financial Plan, the Company has agreed to certain restrictions as to the distribution of dividends”


bw offshore's Approach to tax 

See the link for the latest version of the approach to tax, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the UK Finance Act 2016.

BW Offshore’s approach to tax


Guidelines on executive remuneration

See the link for the Guidelines on Executive Remuneration adopted by the Company.

Guidelines on Executive Remuneration