Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is regarded as one of the key subject areas in the company and is thus given careful consideration throughout the organisation.

BW Offshore has over time demonstrated a long term and sustained commitment to safety, occupational health, quality management and environmentally responsible performance. BW Offshore has implemented effective management systems and routines with a focus on continuous improvement in all its endeavours.

The company holds certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international standards, which recognise the way it manages its business processes, its commitment to environmental excellence and its health and safety systems. The company also holds a Document of Compliance to the International Safety Management Code. 


Policy statement

BW Offshore is committed to prioritise HSE matters in all our operations and believe that all incidents resulting in harm to people, environment and property can be prevented.


BW Offshore shall continuously improve its Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental performance and strive for as low as reasonably possible frequencies for:

  • Lost time injuries

  • High risk incidents

  • Spills to the environment

  • Unplanned emissions

  • Occupational illness cases  

In order to achieve these objectives, the company shall:

  • Register faithfully all incidents and near misses

  • Analyse root causes of incidents and reported near misses

  • Comply with the permit to work system

  • Implement campaigns and awareness sessions to change behaviour

  • Set annual goals for HSE performance, measure performance and report performance to all personnel

  • Promote stop and ask without consequences

  • Ensure compliance with standards and HSE regulations

Each division; Engineering, Projects and Fleet shall establish an annual HSE plan including goals, activities and responsibilities.


In addition, each division shall undertake safety stand down campaigns and other targeted actions resulting from incidents and other challenges.



BW Offshore catcher (UK) ltd 2017 environmental STATEMENT

Under Recommendation 2003/5 of the Oslo Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR), the Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment and Decommissioning (OPRED) requires that all companies operating in the UKCS have systems and procedures in place to identify, monitor and control the environmental aspects associated with offshore activities.

This report provides information on BW Offshore’s offshore operations and the environmental performance of these operations. For the purpose of this report, this includes all production activities in the UKCS. BW Offshore do not conduct drilling operations in the UKCS. All drilling activities for the Catcher Field Area are conducted by Premier Oil UK as they are the Licence Holder for the field area.

This report has been made available here:

BW Offshore Catcher (UK) Ltd 2017 Environmental Statement