Warning – regarding communications from fraudulent email address bwoffshore-br.com

Warning – fraudulent email address bwoffshore-br.com

It has come to our attention that person(s) unknown have registered a domain name bwoffshore-br.com and are contacting companies and fraudulently pretending to be BW Offshore. It has also been identified that the fraudulent domain is being redirected to this legitimate bwoffshore.com website

BW Offshore would like to warn all companies to be alert to such fraudulent activity and note that BW Offshore’s only legitimate email addresses are xxxxx@bwoffshore.com and there are no country specific or prefixed/suffixed BW Offshore domains, only the bwoffshore.com website.

BW Offshore will report attempts to defraud parties using our name, or any attempts of those aiming to scam our current or potential suppliers and clients. Efforts are being made to track the source, to remove the website and its redirect to this BW Offshore legitimate website, but methods used by fraudsters are constantly changing, and we urge you to be alert.

If you have already received communications or requests that you suspect are fraudulent, we recommend you please call one of our offices. Please also be alert and contact your BW Offshore regular contacts, to verify any communications that you might be suspicious about, or contact BW Offshore’s IT Department or the Corporate Integrity department