Rapid Framework

BW Rapid Framework

Your ultimate solution for large FPSO's

Offshore oil production is constantly pushing its boundaries. While in the past, converting existing VLCC has served the industry well, present and future big oil projects demand for larger and more optimised hulls. BW RapidFramework is an innovative purpose designed new built hull for FPSO`s.

Capitalising on BWO’s experience with constructing new build hulls and operating more than 30 FPSO’s, the engineering team has perfected a design that incorporates the lessons learned over the years. Close collaboration with major shipyards and Class resulted in a construction effective and safe design.

We know how time impacts a project. With a class approved design, construction can start very early, allowing for a conversion-like schedule but with the benefits of a new hull.

With a competitive acquisition cost, compared to conversion but with lower operation costs, BW RapidFramework is the choice for long duration developments. Requiring less inspection and intervention, it reduces operating costs and increases safety onboard.

Engineered with a standardised design in mind, the hull can be replicated increasing even further cost and time savings and providing more synergies across a fleet.

The unique “chassis-like” design provides a standard structural lay-out that is arranged in such a way to accommodate a wide range of equipment and systems to suit client’s specific requirements.
The wide main deck provides excellent space to accommodate different topsides configurations and allows for both turret and spread moored configurations.


Main particulars  
Design Life 30 years
Hull Type Double Hull
Storage capacity > 1,800,000 bbls
Length Overall 340.00 m
Breadth (moulded) 64.00 m
Depth (moulded) 31.50 m
Scantling Draught (moulded) 22.50 m
Mooring Turret or Spread mooring