BW Offshore’s values are based on openness, integrity, competence and team play and are rooted in honesty and respect for the individual. BW Offshore’s success is profoundly dependent upon retaining and promoting our ethical reputation and the public confidence we have earned. 

The content of two documents establish the core of BW Offshore’s Ethics and Business Conduct Compliance Programme. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct contains the commitments and principles we observe when we conduct our business.

BW Offshore's Ethics & Business Conduct Guidelines further elaborate on such principles and are intended to provide practical guidance for our representatives (including employees, Board members, officers, temporary employees, consultants and agents) in day-to-day situations or dilemmas of ethical nature, in order to ensure that behavior complies with the policies and rules of BW Offshore at all times. 

Operational processes found in the BW Offshore Management System support the Ethics and Business Conduct compliance documents.   

It is every BW Offshore representative’s responsibility to conduct their activities in accordance with the BW Offshore Purpose & Principles and with good, ethical judgment consistent with the requirements of our Code and Guidelines however, they are not alone in this effort and are encouraged to raise questions, dilemmas, concerns or any suspected instances of non-compliance to the Global Compliance Officer. This can be done directly or through use of the BW Offshore “Speak Up Channel”. 

Our CEO and the BW Offshore management team are committed to ensuring that no one suffers detrimental treatment as a result of doing the right thing and remind all representatives that breaches of the Code, Guidelines or relevant statutory provisions may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the organization. 

BW Offshore also expects it’s business partners (including suppliers, contractors and other 3rd parties) to observe equivalent principles when conducting business with, or on behalf, of the company. Business partners will accordingly be subject to BW Offshore’s compliance assessment activities, overseen by the Global Compliance Officer. 

BW Offshore’s Global Compliance Officer can be contacted on: