FPSO BW Cidade de São Vicente

BW Cidade de Sâo Vicente

Main Contractors     Process and Storage Capacity  
Topside Module Design:     Oil Production Capacity: 30 Mbpd
   M10, M11 and M70 M7 Offshore   Gas Compression Capacity: 0 MMscfd
   M30 Inocean   Oil Handling Capacity: 45 Mbpd
Hull:  Inocean   Gas Injection: 0 MMscfd 
Fabrication Yard     Water Injectiion: 0 Mbpd 
   Conversion/Integration: Keppel   Storage Capacity: 470 Mbbl 
   Conversion Year:  2009      
Turret Supplier/Swivel Manufacturer: SOFEC   Riser Information  
      Total Risers and Umbilicals: 4
Well Information     Production Risers: 1
Total Wells: 3   Water Injection Risers: 0
Production Wells: 3   Gas Injection Risers: 0
Gas Injection Wells:  0    Gas Lift Risers: 0
Water Injection Wells: 0   Import/Export Risers:
Tree Installation Type: Wet Tree   Other:
Hull Information        
Classification: DNV GL   Topside Information  
 Dimensions:     Installed Power: 4.7 MWe 
   Length: 254 m   Power System Design 2 x Steam Turbines
   Width: 44 m     4 x Diesel Engines
   Depth: 23 m   Topside Module Weight: 1,142 t
Max operating draft: 14 m   LQ Capacity: 80 People
Hull Construction Type: Single Hull   LQ Location: Afterward 
Deadweight: 135,510 t   Gas Deposition: Flared, Sales
Construction Type: Conversion   Type of Flare: Flare Tower
Original Hull Fabrication Year: 1975   Offloading System: Tandem
       Mooring System Type: External Turret
      Permanent or Disconnectable Mooring: Disconnectable
      Number of Anchor Legs: 7